Recent Before & After Photos

Grandma's Ducks

We help restore memories. The first picture seems like an ordinary duck, full of soot and odor. You could probably go to a local retail store and purchase a ne... READ MORE

Transforming Floors

Hardwood Floors In this Sioux Falls home a stove caught on fire and created smoke and fire damage in the main level. The hardwood floor near the stove was badly... READ MORE

Tea, SD Expert Fire Restoration

A windstorm knocked out power to this Tea, SD home one late evening. The family lit several candles to help add light to their family room, kitchen, and bathroo... READ MORE

"Like it never even happened"

During a thunderstorm lightning struck a Harrisburg, SD home in the late hours of the night. The lightning caused an electrical fire in the lower level of the h... READ MORE

Smoke Damage to Sioux Falls Business

In a Sioux Falls manufacturing company, a welding machine caught on fire. They were able to distinguish the flames rather quickly. Even though it was a short ti... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Madison, SD

This flooded basement in Madison, SD was a result of a frozen spigot. The pipe burst on the main level. The ceilings were so wet they began to sag and the tape ... READ MORE

Bath Time?

A tree root grew through pipes leading into this Sioux Falls home. This caused sewage to back up in the basement. After the tree root was removed additional sew... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Harrisburg, SD

Heavy rains on frozen ground caused the water to run into this lower level business, disrupting employees from their day to day routines. The owners decided to ... READ MORE

SERVPRO vs. Mold

This Tea, SD home noticed an unsightly discoloration growing near their shower. Before long it became normal and repeatedly ignored. Shower after shower the dis... READ MORE

Storm Damage Causes Sewer Damage

This Sioux Falls neighborhood experienced raw sewage backing up in several homes after a storm rolled through the area. The heavy rains on top of a still frozen... READ MORE