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Winter Is a Wonderland | SERVPRO® of Sioux Falls

11/23/2022 (Permalink)

side by side view of a hot and cold thermometer If you experience damage due to a winter storm, call SERVPRO of Sioux Falls. We have the experience and equipment for any issue.

Winter doesn’t officially begin until Dec. 21 this year, but depending on where you are, that date may feel very early or very late. In our area and others near us, we know that winter begins much earlier with extreme lows and heavy snows, while other regions mostly slip into winter with only slightly lower temperatures than the rest of the year.

Regardless of where you are, the winter season brings a different set of threats that could leave your property with damages and your family facing the cold (or fog, or rain, or…well you get the picture).

When you know what to anticipate and how to prepare for it, you can rest easily throughout the season knowing your family is safe.

Winter Around the Nation

Snow-filled, freezing, rainy and mild are all ways this year’s season has been described, particularly when you take a look at the nation split into two halves.

In the Midwest and some parts of the East Coast, winter is anticipated to be a dire season with extremely low temperatures and high amounts of snow. On the West Coast, the season is predicted to be much milder with moderate temperatures and more rain than any other kind of precipitation.

From region to region these predictions will certainly vary slightly, but it is still best to prepare your home for the worst extremes in order to prevent as much potential for damage as possible.

Winter Around Sioux Falls

Winter in Sioux Falls can be challenging. While we typically only see about 10 inches of snow more than the national average of 28 inches over the season, we still contend with freezing temperatures and biting winds.

Our coldest month is usually January, and our average daily temperatures are between 10 and 38 degrees. We experience a good deal of ice, which can lead to ice dams in our water and eventual flooding.

Even with the risks, outdoor adventurers will find an endless amount of activities to keep them busy, particularly when they know their home is well-prepared.

Get Prepared

In order to enjoy sledding without worrying about your property, you should first take the time to get to know the different kinds of weather we could see in our area. Next, check your devices to make sure your weather alerts are turned on, and invest in one that will work even when the power is out so you can move to safety as quickly as possible.

Prepare an emergency kit ahead of the coldest months and store it near an interior room in your home. If you keep one packed year-round, double-check it throughout the season to ensure you have enough warm items for each member of your family. Put one in your vehicles, too, so that you can stay safe if you are caught out in the cold.

With our extreme temperatures, checking the weatherproofing on your windows and doors is crucial not only in preventing excess moisture from entering, but also in lowering your heating bill. Make sure you have a strong cover on your outdoor faucets that can hold up in the wind in order to avoid waking up to frozen pipes when the temperature creeps really low.

Repair any soft spots or loose shingles on your roof, clean your gutters and trim trees near your home in order to prevent damages. Take a look at your insulation levels in your attic space, and consider adding any needed to fill in gaps and help keep your home warm.

Winter can be the best time of year when you have prepared your home and your family. Make sure you have SERVPRO on your contacts list so that you can call us 247 if you do end up with storm-related damages. We will get restoration moving quickly so you can get back to fuzzy socks and warm hot chocolate.

If you experience damage in a winter storm, call us. We have the experience and equipment to get your home back to normal.

Keep Mold at Bay After a Water Emergency | SERVPRO® of Sioux Falls

11/1/2022 (Permalink)

Visible mold growth in corner of room near the floor. Mold typically grows in the lower portion of a room, particularly behind the baseboard.

As if a water disaster isn’t trouble enough, mold is capable of popping up fast when water is left standing and affected areas are left untreated. Water damage worsens quickly, and mold growth can appear shortly after, ready to wreak havoc.
Once you’ve found the source of your leak and completely shut it off to prevent any more damage, it’s a smart idea to call in a mold remediation expert like our team at SERVPRO to get your problem under control.

Until our team arrives at the scene of your disaster, there are plenty of ways to keep mold at bay. Quickly taking action after water seeps into your home will allow you to avoid a much bigger problem until help arrives:

Quickly Dry Out the Area

You may not be able to dry out everything depending on the severity of your situation, but you can take steps to start the drying process. This won’t just keep mold under control, but it could also mitigate damage caused by standing water.
If possible, open up any doors and windows around your property to allow some ventilation. If water is puddled, clean up anything you are able to with towels. Mold can be prevented by using equipment such as a dehumidifier or a box fan to circulate air and reduce humidity.

Remove Any Affected Items

When it comes to water damage, any items that are soaked can possibly create mold. Collect any affected items and move them to a safe location, preferably one that can hasten the drying process.
It’s helpful to move any items out of impacted rooms even if they aren’t waterlogged to keep anything else from being damaged.

Keep an Eye Out for Growth

The location of your water emergency will play a significant role in the development of mold. Mold may appear quickly in areas like your bathroom, basement and attic since these rooms provide the ideal environment for growth. So it’s helpful to keep an eye out for any signs of mold development.
Even when you dry out areas that are soaked with water, hidden mold coils still become a problem right under your nose. To ensure your water emergency and the risk of a pesky mold problem are both remediated, contact our crew at SERVPRO of Sioux Falls, a certified remediation and rapid restoration partner.

Don’t let mold become an out-of-control problem in your home. Count on SERVPRO to dry out your home and keep mold at bay.

The Effect of Water Damage on Your Business | SERVPRO® of Sioux Falls

10/31/2022 (Permalink)

a zoomed in view of a wooden floor showing signs of water damage SERVPRO of Sioux Falls are your local commercial restoration company. We will always be here to help and get you back in business.

Flooding from internal or external sources can have a huge impact on any building. An overflowing septic system, a leaky roof or a pipe that bursts can leave your business with destroyed inventory, closed off bathrooms or floors, or at its worst, a closure of your business.

The Sioux Fall River has taught us all in this area how quickly floods from outside can leave behind damages. We have also had to deal with drenching rains and snow melt flash floods that have left behind enormous messes.

With the risk of flooding so high for our area, it is important to prepare before an event can happen. Getting your building ready now means that you can recover that much faster with less stress.

Know Your Building’s Layout

Getting to know your building is a great way to start preparing for a flood. Learn all the locations of the water shutoffs, especially for the sprinkler system and the main water source.

Let several different people know this information to ensure there is always someone who can respond if an emergency happens. When you are able to turn the water off, you can considerably lower your risk of damages.

Know the Types of Water Involved

If your building experiences a water disaster, you will need to know what type of water has caused the flood so that you can handle it safely.

White water. This kind of flooding comes from your plumbing when it experiences a leak. White water is not dangerous or contaminated, which means you can handle it on your own in small amounts.

Gray water. Gray water comes from a sink or toilet when it overflows. This type of flooding is contaminated, but it is not dangerous to be around.

Black water. If a storm creates flooding or your sewer system backs it is considered black water. This kind of flooding is contaminated and toxic. It will require a professional to handle the cleanup.

Take Action Quickly

If you have a flood in your building, the faster you respond, the more damages you can mitigate. Locate where the water is coming from so you can shut it off.

Open as many windows and doors that you can get to in order to promote drying, and let everyone in the building know what has happened.

The next thing you should do is document the damage you can safely see. Take pictures that can help when you file your insurance claim. You may also take notes of damaged areas in order to add additional reinforcements to weak areas of your building.

Remember to Be Patient

In a flood event, the water damage you can see is only part of the affected area. You need to watch your building for alarming signs of hidden damages.

Keep an eye out for mold growth, buckled spots in your flooring and saturated walls. If you spot any of these, be sure to address them right away.

If you experience a flood emergency in your building, call SERVPRO of Sioux Falls right away. We are available 247 to respond as soon as possible and start the drying process for your business.

Drying up floodwaters of any kind can take more than a week depending on the severity of the event, so make sure to be as patient as possible. Our highly trained professionals will use top-of-the-line equipment and take your restoration one step at a time to get your business back to normal as fast as possible.

When disaster strikes your commercial property, we’ll be there to help clean up and get you back in business quickly. Reach out 247 to get started!

You Should Choose SERVPRO Because We Are Your Neighbors | SERVPRO® of Sioux Falls

10/10/2022 (Permalink)

a SERVPRO crew unloading cleaning equipment out of a green van No job is too big or small. Call SERVPRO of Sioux Falls today to schedule your estimate.

There are many reasons to choose SERVPRO as your partner in restoration. Our highly trained professional staff have years of experience in handling fire, water and storm damage. When you work with SERVPRO, you work with a large amount of expertise.

If you have spotted mold growth in your home or commercial building, our mold remediation services are certified and can take care of your problem before the mold can do structural damages. We also handle specialty concerns, like graffiti removal and biohazard cleanup situations.

But one of the best reasons why you should choose SERVPRO? We are your neighbors.

3 Reasons Being Locally Owned Is a Difference-Maker

When you need repairs and restoration at home or the office, you want to work with a company that has a strong reputation that is trustworthy. However, you also need a company that is somewhere in your general area so you don’t end up on a waiting list.

1. We Can Respond Fast

Time is of the essence when a disaster happens. The longer you wait to begin restoration, the longer water, fire or storm damage has to wreak havoc on your home or business.

When you make SERVPRO of Sioux Falls your partner in restoration, you have a team that lives right in your own community. We have 247 availability so that we can respond fast and start your restoration process right away.

2. We’re Prepared for Local Weather Conditions

When severe weather threatens our area, our team watches the same newscasts and weather that you do. We live in your community and while we prepare our own homes we also begin gathering resources in order to start the recovery process in your neighborhoods the moment it is safe to do so.

Most of our team has lived in Sioux Falls a long time, and we have experienced everything our South Dakota weather has to offer. We are familiar with our intense winters and heavy snowfalls and then the snowmelt floods that follow as the weather warms back up. We have endured our fire seasons and cleaned up after everything that has affected our town.

3. We Know Sioux Falls Front and Back

There are a lot of restoration companies out there, and several of them that are willing to travel from far away in order to handle your project. These companies will need to rely on you heavily for directions and instructions to learn the way things work in our community.

We are locally owned and operated, which means our team lives in your neighborhoods. We know that visitors flock to our beautiful town to visit the many natural sights, falls and the ever popular SculptureWalk. We love these attractions just as much as the tourists, but we also know our roads well enough to get around the heavy traffic.

We are also familiar with city hall, and we are able to reach out to all the right people in order to obtain permits and keep restoration moving forward. We have the tools and knowledge about our quaint town to complete your project quickly.

An Extra Benefit

When a disaster happens, we can typically handle the aftermath with our staff in Sioux Falls. When our community experiences a big disaster like an extreme snowstorm, working with SERVPRO gives you the extra benefit of a network that is ready to help.

Our locally owned and operated office is backed by a national brand with years of experience and certifications. Whenever it is needed, we can call neighboring SERVPRO locations and ask to get our home put back together fast.

When disaster strikes your home or your business, we’re the team you can trust—located right here, close to home. Get in touch today to get started!

What to Do When You Suspect Mold Growth | SERVPRO® of Sioux Falls

9/27/2022 (Permalink)

Visible mold growth on ceiling above shower. Improper humidity control in a bathroom can lead to mold growth.

Mold growth is a problem that can go unnoticed and worsen over time, but even when you don’t see it spreading, you’ll still be able to notice its effects. When mold begins developing in your home, there are a number of signs that you’ll notice.
To ensure this pesky annoyance doesn’t make itself comfortable, you’ll need to know what to look for as soon as you suspect its growth. Since mold can be good at hiding, you might need to rely on growth indicators to locate the source.
Whether you’re dealing with mold or mildew, acting fast should be your top priority to ensure this problem doesn’t worsen. Here’s what you should do if you detect mold growing in your home.

Be Aware of the Signs

When it comes to mold growth, no two situations will be the same. Mold can appear in various shapes and sizes, each of which produces its own distinct characteristics. Thankfully, the warning signs will be relatively similar regardless of the type of mold you’re dealing with.
A musty, rotten smell is one of the first and most apparent indications you’ll notice. Mold’s overpowering earthy smell is an instant giveaway that it’s developing inside your home.
Your carpet, ceiling and walls can all be a breeding ground for mold. Inspect these areas for signs of growth through discoloration, dark spots and warping. If your problem is growing from a leak, you might also find wet spots or condensation around your home.

Search for the Source

Once you’ve identified where the signs first appear, you’ll be better able to pinpoint where mold may be growing.
Mold will thrive in your home as long as the conditions are present and there is enough moisture. Factors such as moisture and humidity can all contribute to the development of mold. Keeping your home well-ventilated and ensuring moisture levels are under 50% can help keep mold under control.
Another problem that could result in mold growth is a hidden leak. Your roof, basement, bathroom and just about any area of your home could begin leaking and eventually result in mold. Have these leaks fixed immediately to ensure mold doesn’t have the moisture it needs to flourish in your home.
And if you need some extra help finding the source of growth, our experts in mold remediation can give you a hand! Our team can inspect your entire property, determine the areas where mold is forming and get the problem under control.

Don’t let mold take over your home! Contact our crew at SERVPRO and we can stop the spread of mold in your home or business.

Don’t Let Lightning Threaten Your Home | SERVPRO® of Sioux Falls

9/20/2022 (Permalink)

multiple lightning strikes off in distance of dark purple night sky If you are dealing with smoke or fire damage from a recent fire, call SERVPRO of Sioux Falls to learn about a restoration solution for your issue.

The proper fire safety equipment is essential to protecting your home and keeping your family safe. Home fires are typically preventable, but there are some risks that we can’t do anything about.

Lightning caused 70,000 insurance damage claims during the year 2020, and it can strike 6,000 times a minute. Protecting your home is crucial when you face such high risks.

What Is Lightning?

Lightning is a surge of electricity between clouds in the air and the ground, and it always comes with thunder. Lightning usually comes with severe weather, but it can also occur during a forest fire, a volcanic eruption or even a snowstorm when it falls heavily enough.

Lightning is a threat in more events than just wet, severe weather. Dry lightning is a phenomenon that happens when there is no rain, which creates a scary situation as wildfires can easily result from a strike. No matter the time of year, it is wise to always be prepared.

Protecting Your Home From Lightning Fires

If your home does take a strike, it can end up with a large amount of damage. A fire may begin within the walls or roof area due to the heat carried by the lightning, or a fire can start due to a surge through your wiring resulting from the bolt.

A fire may not immediately be noticeable, but you will hear the strike when it hits your home.

If a loud noise has occurred, start checking for black burn marks and smell for smoke. Call the fire department, and once they have been able to declare your home free of risks, let an electrician double-check that your wiring is safe so that you avoid the risks of future fires.

A solid form of protection for your home is a lightning rod. This pole can divert the energy and the heat from a strike into the ground, allowing it to avoid your home.

A surge protector for your entire house is another great preventive tool. This can be added to your utility box to protect your electronics, appliances and wiring from strikes.

When Lightning Strikes Nearby

Every year, there is an average of 9,000 wildfires due to lightning strikes. A wildfire that originates from lightning can burn hot and fast due to the incredible heat a strike has.

Check out if defensible landscaping zones are a good idea for the space around your home. This is strategically designed so that a fire is diverted away from your house if one were to start.

You should also clear out dead plants, which means cleaning up fall leaves quickly. Test your smoke detectors on a regular basis, too, and place one on every level of your house.

If you do experience a fire in your home, make a call to SERVPRO right away. We have the industry-leading equipment to handle every step of the fire restoration process. We are available 247 and want to get you back to your life as normal as soon as possible.

Have you experienced smoke or fire damage in your home? Call us today to get the restoration finished fast.

Easy Ways to Keep Mold at Bay | SERVPRO® of Sioux Falls

9/12/2022 (Permalink)

Woman crouching to inspect wall with visible mold growth. Think you may have found mold in your home? Call 605-213-3303 for an inspection.

Mold can have disastrous consequences for your property and any belongings inside. Because mold growth isn't always easy to detect, it’s best to take preventive actions before it develops. Although dealing with mold can be challenging for homeowners, there are easy measures to make it less likely you’ll ever have to.
Factors like excess humidity, the cleanliness of your home and moisture levels can all contribute to mold growth. Controlling these mold growth factors can help you keep mold from invading your home.
Taking steps to ensure mold can’t make itself at home starts with making small changes around your property:

Control Indoor Humidity

High humidity not only causes discomfort in the home, but it can also lead to mold growth! To ensure humidity levels in your home aren’t conducive to mold, use an air conditioner or a humidifier. A humidity meter is a great tool you can use to ensure levels are under 50%.
Exhaust fans are another essential way to ensure rooms like your bathroom or kitchen don’t get too humid. Turn on your fan while showering or when cooking in the kitchen. Make sure not to turn them off right away, leaving them running for a few minutes after you're done.

Keep Moisture Out

Multiple sources of water might introduce moisture into your house. Mold can establish itself fast within your home when moisture is produced by events like powerful storms or a leaking pipe. You might notice excessive dampness in areas like your bathroom, basement or attic.
To stop water from leaking into your house, make sure to fix any leaks from locations like your pipes or roof before they get out of hand. Check your appliances regularly to ensure they’re connected to water securely and aren’t leaking.
Plants can be a decorative way to help keep moisture and humidity levels at bay, as well. Use houseplants to spruce up your home and regulate humidity by sapping up excess moisture!

Keep It Clean

Mold can be prevented in your home by regularly cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces in areas like the kitchen, laundry room and bathroom. With a little elbow grease, mold can be removed from surfaces such as tile, wood or fabric.
Of course, not all mold can be eliminated by simple cleaning, and mold could still be lurking deep within whatever surface it’s growing on. Calling in specialists to properly rid your property of mold spores is the best course of action if you discover mold patches that return despite your cleaning efforts.

When mold develops in your home, don’t wait for it to spread! Call on our experts at SERVPRO to remediate your mold problem before it worsens.

Inside and Out Flood Protection | SERVPRO® of Sioux Falls

9/7/2022 (Permalink)

a group of residential homes with major flooding in back yard Experienced water damage in your home? Call SERVPRO of Sioux Falls to get the restoration process started right away.

Regardless of where you live, you need to be protected from floods. It takes as little as an inch of water to do damage that could end up costing any property owner quite a bit.

Not everyone can rely on private insurers or federal funds for help, which means prevention is key to minimizing your losses.

Protecting your home first means you need to understand your risks. Over the years, we have seen substantial flooding in Sioux Falls. Our springs typically bring snow melt that can lead to flash floods.

We also have to contend with ice dams that can cause rivers to overflow. These risks mean the more we can protect our homes, the safer we can stay.

Protecting Your Home From the Outside

An unexpected heavy rain can dump massive amounts of water, leaving your yard saturated and your gutters struggling to keep up. If your home is prepared outside, you can lower the chances of damages on the inside.

Your gutters offer a great line of defense when they are clear of debris. Adding a downspout extension can be a cost-effective way to ensure water is flowing well and avoid ponding near your house.

Landscaping is another great way to control water and to keep it from gathering and coming into your house. Adding a garden can increase absorption by pulling water down through soil into roots.

Mulch and other organic materials can also add protection when used near in a sloping pattern. This can provide protection for your foundation by preventing puddles.

There are some upgrades you could consider as well, including having exterior electric moved up and anchoring fuel tanks. While these can cost a pretty penny, an inexpensive rain barrel that catches water directly from a gutter can be an effective addition. This not only prevents ponding water, but it also provides a free source of water for your plants.

Flood Protection From the Inside

Protecting your home from external flooding means you need to have a well-sealed basement and solid foundation.

Adding a sump pump to the basement is another effective way to remove water. A battery-operated pump can ensure water is removed in the midst of a storm that has knocked the power out.

To protect your property from internal flooding sources, there are some maintenance steps you can take.

Plumbing failures are a common cause of water damage. If you have a faucet that is dripping, fix it quickly. Take care of pipes that have aged, and take time to check your toilets, sinks and showers for issues to stop problems before they start.

Adding a leak sensor to your home security could also give you an extra layer of protection. This is a device that alerts you when water is leaking somewhere so you can stop it quickly.

Regardless of where it begins, water will damage paper items right away. Put irreplaceable goods on a high shelf or in a leak proof container. Store your emergency plans somewhere safe as well, and call SERVPRO as soon as disaster strikes. We are available day or night to get your recovery started quickly.

Experienced water damage in your home? Call SERVPRO today to get your restoration completed faster.

End of summer storms

9/1/2022 (Permalink)

Photograph of storm cell moving through Sioux Falls with a green sky and dark clouds. Even if the skies are green, SERVPRO of Sioux Falls is here to help!

While we are nearing the end of summer and moving in to fall, severe storms are still possible in the Sioux Falls area. Last year we received a 7 inch rain on the first weekend of September. With a heat wave gripping the nation, including temperatures in the 90’s in South Dakota, the conditions are ripe for thunderstorms and potential hail damage. 

if your home or business is damaged by any late summer storms, SERVPRO of Sioux Falls is standing by at the ready to help you through your emergency situations. Our crews are available 24/7 to help remediate water and storm damage and restore your home. Any structural damage resulting from storms can be restored and rebuilt with the help of our construction team! 

SERVPRO Wants to Handle Your Restoration | SERVPRO® of Sioux Falls

8/25/2022 (Permalink)

two SERVPRO employees unloading cleaning equipment out of a green van No matter what type of disaster you face, SERVPRO of Sioux Falls is only a phone call away.

SERVPRO of Sioux Falls is independently owned and operated, which means that like so many of you, we understand how difficult the day-to-day of running a business can be. You have to handle so much all at once, and a disaster can throw everything off-course.

Natural disasters can’t be prevented, and sometimes they can’t even be predicted, but you can prepare yourself for them. And we know that disasters don’t just strike the office, so that means preparing yourself at home as well.

The American Red Cross is a great source for general disaster knowledge. They have data from a variety of disasters that have happened across the United States that can serve to help you protect yourself from several different scenarios.

For more localized information on the most common disasters we see in South Dakota, keep our state emergency management website marked so that you are aware of any statewide information that may be put out. You should also stay familiar with our city website for use when an event is taking place right here at home.

When you do experience damages at home or the office, response time will always be the most important way to minimize the effects. The faster you can start restoration, the more of your property you can save. That is why you want SERVPRO as your go-to professionals.

Why Choose SERVPRO?

We know that every event is different. The United States often sees disasters that result in the need for restoration, but every single one will require a different response.

Flooding is a great example of a disaster that affects a huge number of people but causes a very wide variety of damages. Each year, more than 14 million homes are at risk for flooding, but each home that does take on water will require a different level of cleanup.

Our experts are trained for any situation, large or small. We create a plan based on the unique factors in each project to ensure an appropriate response.

We are available to you 247. The most important part of any restoration will always be timing. When you are able to act fast then you can stop damages before they become too extreme.

When water takes over a home, it creates immediate damages to wood, soft furniture, fabrics and paint on the walls. If water sits for an extended amount of time mold and mildew will grow, and that can affect the structure of your home. That is why we are ready to take your call day or night, 365 days a year.

Our services go beyond. Not only do we restore damages a disaster leaves behind, but we take on the entire project through completion.

We can help you pack your belongings, tarp your roof and work with your insurance company to ensure your claims are handled well. We want to provide all the help you need and make your recovery as fast and easy as possible.

No matter what kind of damage you face on your property, SERVPRO of Sioux Falls has you covered. We have been a part of this community for a long time, and with our industry-leading equipment, expertise and training, we can get your life back on track quickly.

When you suffer damage to your home or business, it’s important that you know who to call! Contact ustoday to get restoration started faster.