What's going on in our Community

SERVPRO of Sioux Falls

SERVPRO of Sioux Falls takes great pride in being a part of Sioux Falls and the surrounding communities. We understand that communities like ours hold America together.

The impact of the Covid 19 virus is still being felt all over the nation. In our local Sioux Falls communities, businesses and organizations are having to cancel or postpone events until large gatherings are able to be safely held again. Here in Tea, South Dakota, the local volunteer fire department had to cancel its annual dialing pianos fundraiser. As a volunteer department, the majority of its funding comes from the goodwill of the community members who attend the event. At SERVPRO, we wanted to step up and find a way to help the fire department offset some of their losses. We have partnered with a local realtor to put on a raffle contest to help raise funds for the fire department. We have been working closely with many local businesses to gather donated items that people can have an opportunity to win. All proceeds will go straight to the fire department as a way of saying thanks for the hard work they do in protecting our community. Tickets will be sold throughout September at businesses in Tea, and winners will be drawn in October. For more information on the contest, please reach out to our marketing staff at 605-553-0562 or by email at SERVPROjoshb@gmail.com