Recent Before & After Photos

Fun At The Lake Home

Lake homes are a fun, relaxing place to go to get away from it all. This home owner had not been to their house for a few weeks and was greeted by a terrible od... READ MORE

Reasons For Ceiling Leaks

There are three possible reasons for a ceiling leak. The first could be caused by a leak in your upstairs toilet. A toilet leak is usually the result of a break... READ MORE

Can Moldy Furniture Be Restored?

The Sioux Falls and surrounding areas have had an unusual amount of moisture this spring and summer. We have seen many homes that have furniture in their baseme... READ MORE

Oh No! Not at 4 o'clock on Friday Afternoon!!

A new dental office in Sioux Falls was getting ready to open on Monday when it sustained a water loss at the end of the day from a plumbing problem in an adjoin... READ MORE

Flood cut in Brandon

What is a flood cut? In water restoration the phrase flood cut is common. But what does that mean? This basement in Brandon had a water loss from a sump pump th... READ MORE

Water Logged in Sioux Falls

This water damaged basement in Sioux Falls was a result of a broken pipe that collapsed the ceiling. There were several gallons of water that filled the ceiling... READ MORE

Why We Restore

After the flames are out. The process of determining what can be restored can be overwhelming. Our team are experts in saving memories. This family heirloom was... READ MORE

Keeping South Dakota Roads safe

When disaster strikes, we strike back. Near a major interstate near Sioux Falls a variety of debris were blanketed along an overpass from a recent storm. SERVP... READ MORE

Sioux Falls Fire Restoration

We enjoy making it “Like it never even happened." After this Sioux Falls family experienced a fire our team was able to restore the home better than befor... READ MORE

Grandma's Ducks

We help restore memories. The first picture seems like an ordinary duck, full of soot and odor. You could probably go to a local retail store and purchase a ne... READ MORE