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Preventing Mold in the Kitchen | SERVPRO of Sioux Falls

3/1/2024 (Permalink)

a lot of mold on the white window and slopes SERVPRO of Sioux Falls is Here to Help® when you have a mold emergency on your property.

The kitchen is the heart of a home. If you have ever hosted a party and spent hours cleaning your living room, you know that it is inevitable that almost everyone in attendance will end up in the kitchen. 

The kitchen is also one of the prime places that mold develops. Moisture from appliances and cooking makes it easy for mold to form and spread. 

With some simple prevention steps, you can stop mold before it becomes a very unwelcome party guest in your kitchen. 

Find It

In order to prevent potential mold growth, you have to first locate the places it is most likely to form and spread. It only takes 24–48 hours for a mold colony to start making your kitchen its home, so it’s crucial to regularly check and clean these spots.  

Mold needs moisture, so anywhere that can be wet is the first place you should check. This includes under the sink, but don’t forget about appliances that use water. Weekly, check around your kitchen sink for potential water leaks. Run your hand along the pipes and other water lines to feel for drips. 

Along with moisture, mold needs an organic material to grow, which means if it has started growing, the most likely place will be the wooden bottom or back of your cabinet. Keep an eye out for spots as a key indicator that there is a bigger issue. 

Every three to six months, pull your refrigerator and dishwasher out to look for excess moisture or mold growth underneath them or behind them. Keep a close eye around your stove, too. Always use a hood vent when you cook in order to pull moisture out of your kitchen. 

Prevent It

There are a few other ways to keep your kitchen protected along with putting the top places that mold can form on your regular cleaning list. 

Keeping moisture under control will always be the best way to stop mold before it starts. If there is a window in your kitchen, open it when you cook—especially on days you are using multiple cooking devices. 

Avoid clutter in the kitchen, and keep things clean. Cluttered counters can not only prevent seeing mold formation, they can also give moisture sneaky places to hide out. Put unused appliances away (make sure they are completely dry), and don’t forget to wipe down the backsplash daily. 

Clean the trash can, too, and try to avoid throwing steamy foods out. Don’t put dishes away wet. It doesn’t take much moisture on a wooden cabinet to result in mold growth. 

With regular maintenance and cleaning, you can prevent mold in your kitchen. Remember to allow for plenty of air flow when you cook, and if you do find spots, get remediation started with a single phone call to our office. We will get things taken care of so your kitchen can be the heart of your home again. 

Are you concerned about mold growth in your kitchen? Contact us to get things assessed and remediated fast. 

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