What our Customers say...

Mold Remediation Testimonials

SERVPRO of Sioux Falls FAR FAR FAR surpassed my expectations in the remediation process. I had a prior bad experience with another restoration company and let SERVPRO know of my many demands when they started the job. They said I deserve the best and they succeeded in fulfilling every request I had respectfully, promptly, and efficiently. I am so glad I chose this company. Ben and Shelby have been a breeze to communicate with throughout the whole process. My home has passed the third-party air quality test and I want to thank you for saving my sanity!

I have had the best experience with SERVPRO!  Well done!

I was so impressed that the SERVPRO technician took the time to point out the problem that was causing the mold in my house.  Very impressed their service!

The crew that did the work was extremely professional.  The tenant called specifically to let me know this.  Thank you!

We had mold testing done in our home, and there was a big mold problem caused by a hose left running next to the house.  The SERVPRO team was very polite and efficient while they cleaned the house.  The testing afterwards showed it was back to normal.

To the whole team at SERVPRO.  Thank you for your hard work and the awesome service you gave us!

The home inspector that we had check out our new home before we purchased it assured us that there were no issues, even though we had expressed a concern about a "moldy" smell in the basement. Upon realizing the smell wasn't going away, we had SERVPRO come in and do an inspection. Within 30 minutes on site, he had determined that there was mold growth underneath the bathroom vanity due to previous water damage. They were able to schedule services immediately to get rid of the problem.